Edition of music used is not specified. Repetition is arbitrary. However, performance time for each round must be strictly adhered. Participants do not need to perform from memory.
The titles of the chosen pieces must be stated in the relevant section of the application form. No changes in the selected repertoire will be accepted after the submission of the application. In the case of choosing piece i) from Group (3) of the Third Round, a copy of the music must be submitted along with the recorded CD for the Preliminary Screening.



Record the applicant’s performance in the following order: one piece from Group (1) and one piece from Group (2).

  1. Choose either a) or b)
    a) F.Kuhlau : Drei Fantasien Op.38, No.1 D-dur
    b) F.Kuhlau : Drei Fantasien Op.38, No.3 C-dur
  2. Choose one from a) to c)
    a) E.Bozza : Quatorze Etudes-Arabesques, No.14
    b) S.Karg-Elert : 30 Caprices Op.107, No.30
    c) Lorenzo : Il “Non plus ultra” del Flautista Op.34, No.17

*Recording media for the Preliminary Screening should be in audio CD format only, and the recording must not be edited in any way. Make sure the recorded CD must be playable on CD players in general use.
*Applicants are required to record his/her own name before performing the piece from Group (1). This is to ascertain the proper pronunciation when expressed in written Japanese.


Perform pieces from Group (1), (2), and (3). Duration of total performance must be less than 20 minutes.

  1. J.S.Bach : Partita a-moll BWV 1013, “Allemande” and “Corrente”
  2. N.Paganini : One piece of the contestant’s choice from 24 Capricci Op.1
  3. E.Bozza : Quatorze Etudes-Arabesques, No.7


Perform one piece from each Group (1) and (2). Duration of total performance must be less than 25 minutes.

  1. Choose one from a) to d). Piano accompaniment only.
    a) C.P.E.Bach : Sonate D-dur Wq 83
    b) C.P.E.Bach : Sonate G-dur Wq 86
    c) M.Blavet : Sonate Op.2 No.2 “La Vibray”
    d) M.Blavet : Sonate Op.2 No.4 “La Lumague”
  2. Choose one from a) to e)
    a) J.Andersen : Ballade et Dance des Sylphes Op.5
    b) H.Busser : Andalucia Op.86
    c) A.Jolivet : Chant de Linos
    d) F.Martin : Ballade (1939)
    e) R.Muczynski : Moments Op.47


Perform one piece from each Group (1), (2), and (3). Duration of total performance must be less than 35 minutes.

  1. Choose one from a) to e)
    a) G.Enesco : Cantabile et Presto
    b) G.Faure : Fantaisie Op.79
    c) P.Gaubert : Fantaisie
    d) P.Gaubert : Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando
    e) P.Taffanel : Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino
  2. Choose one from a) to d)
    a) T.Bohm:Fantasie über ein Thema von Schubert Op.21
    b) J.Demersseman : Grande Fantaisie de Concert sur Oberon de Weber Op.52
    c) F.Doppler : Airs Valaques Op.10
    d) P.Taffanel : Fantaisie sur “Le Freischütz”
  3. Choose one from a) to i). Contestants can use piccolo, flute, alto flute, and/or bass flute only. No microphones, amplifiers, or the like are permitted
    a) K.Aho : Solo III
    b) L.Berio : Sequenza (Sequenza I)
    c) C.Halffter:Debla
    d) H.Holliger : Several pieces of the contestant’s choice from Sonate (in)solit(air)e
    e) P.Hurel : Eolia
    f) T.Ichiyanagi : In a Living Memory
    g) B.Mantovani : Früh
    h) I.Yun : One or more pieces of the contestant’s choice from Etüden
    i) An unaccompanied piece of an equivalent degree of difficulty with the pieces a)-h) listed above


Perform pieces in the following order: (1) and (2)

  1. W.A.Mozart : Rondo D-dur K.373b (Anh.184)(Perform without a conductor) 
  2. A.Jolivet : Concerto pour Flûte et Orchestre à cordes(Perform with a conductor)



  • Official accompanists will be commissioned by the organizer. Participants cannot appoint a particular official accompanist by themselves.
  • Contestants who bring their own accompanist must bear all expenses for the accompanist.
  • Finalists must play with the orchestra and the conductor commissioned by the organizer.

Rehearsal with Accompanist

  • Contestants will have opportunities to rehearse with a piano accompanist, regardless of the official accompanist or the contestant’s own accompanist. Rehearsal time with the accompanist is 70 minutes (approximately 55 minutes in the rehearsal room and 15 minutes on the stage) for the Second Round and 70 minutes in the rehearsal room for the Third Round, according to the schedule designated by the Management Committee.
  • Finalists will have one rehearsal opportunity with the orchestra on the day before the Final Round.
  • All rehearsals are closed to the public except personnel authorized by the organizer.


May 25 - June 4, 2017
Applications are open until
September 30, 2016
Announcement of Contestants
Late December, 2016